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Close from the Lyon metropolis, Ecully is ideally located to enjoy many cultural, professional and touristic activities. Whether it's by car, by foot, by bike or by public transport, it's easy to get around!
Ecully possède une piscine municipale, plusieurs gymnases, un boulodrome, une salle polyvalente, un club de tennis, de football et de rugby. Elle accueille un marché 2 à 3 fois par semaine, le Mardi, Jeudi et Samedi. ​


A considerable natural heritage, inherited from the great properties of the nineteenth century and traditional agricultural activities, has been carefully preserved. It contributes to the quality of life of Ecullois and inspires a policy of sustainable development. The desire to control car traffic has resulted in the security of the city center and new developments that will favor the modes of soft travel. Its assets, a city comfortable, pleasant, peaceful, nature, safe, relaxing, ideal for children, well served.


Ecully has a municipal swimming pool, several gymnasiums, a bowling alley, a multi-purpose hall, a tennis, football and rugby club. It hosts a market 2 to 3 times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


On the shop side, you will find Carrefour, Décathlon, Quick, MacDonald's in the commercial area of Ecully Le Perollier. In the town center, 3 bakeries, a butcher, a Caterer, Picard, Carrefour market, Shopi, Dia, Cherries & Potiron.

Le Techlid, c’est 4 000 établissements qui emploient près de 27 000 personnes. Entreprises leaders de leur marché, de tailles moyennes ou en devenir cohabitent sur la zone, dans des secteurs d’activité porteurs. ​


Techlid is 4,000 establishments employing nearly 27,000 people. Companies that are leaders in their market, medium-sized or in the process of becoming co-located in the zone, in leading sectors of activity.


We can cite companies IBM,, Cyberdeck, BNP, Crédit Agricole Center East, Acta, Veritas, Algoé, Archigroup, Apave, Tenesol, Euronews, Giraudy, Brainstorming, 01dB-Metravib, Vibratec, Ohmeda, HNE Medical, Erbe Medical, Scotts, Basf Agro, SEB, Black & Decker, Green Light, Philips, Canon, Parcours SA Rhône-Alpes, Eusa Pharma, IDD Tech, Sopra, Keyrus ...


Les Communs du Manoir is located 5 minutes from the Techlid, ideal for business trips in the area!

Deuxième ville étudiante de France, Lyon est une des villes européennes les plus attractives en ce qui concerne les études supérieures. La commune d’Ecully accueille sur son territoire plusieurs grandes écoles de grande renommée.


France's second-largest student city, Lyon is one of the most attractive European cities in terms of higher education. The municipality of Ecully welcomes on its territory several great schools of great renown:


- The École centrale de Lyon. School of Engineering regularly ranked in the top 5 national rankings and among the best French engineering schools in the world.


- EM Lyon is a major business and management school. It is the fourth oldest higher school of French commerce.


- The Paul-Bocuse Institute, welcomes 700 students who come here to prepare their future, supported by values and teaching that today make the Paul Bocuse Institute, the School of Excellence in the Hospitality Industry , Catering and culinary arts.

Events in Lyon

- THE LIGHTS FESTIVAL: 3 days around December 8 during which the inhabitants illuminate their windows with candles. The monuments of the city are set ablaze by professional technicians from all over the world. The festival is international with nearly 4 million pax.


- EUREXPO: Nearly 100 events in 2012 including 50 trade shows. 1.2 million visitors per year and 15,000 exhibitors per year. The most popular are the International Fair, SIRHA, Equita'Lyon, the Mondial des métiers and Pollutec.


- LES NUITS SONORES: a festival of electronic and independent music held every year around Ascension Thursday.


Find all Lyonnais events on 

LA FETE DES LUMIERES : 4 jours autour du 8 Décembre pendant lesquels les Lyonnais illuminent leurs fenêtres avec des bougies. Les monuments de la ville sont embrasés par des techniciens professionnels venus du monde entier. La fête est de rayonnement international avec près de 4 millions de personnes.
Entre vignes et monts, le Beaujolais déploie des paysages variés. Amateurs de vieilles pierres, direction le pays des pierres dorées et ses villages perchés sans oublier Beaujeu et Villefranche, tour à tour capitales historiques.



Between vineyards and mountains, Beaujolais displays varied landscapes. Lovers of old stones, direction the country of the golden stones and its hilltop villages without forgetting Beaujeu and Villefranche, in turn historical capitals. For gourmets, initiate yourself to the tasting of the ten crus, between slopes and the Saône valley to the north. More to the west, the Beaujolais green nature and sport, country of fir trees and mounts is the ideal destination for hiking, bathing ... 

Rando Nature du Grand Lyon

This walk crosses the wooded valleys of the streams of Serres and Planches to Dardilly. Take the path of the woods of Serres which will surprise you by the calm and the serenity that reign in these places.


The rural roads have been classified in the Departmental-Metropolitan Plan of Walking and Hiking Trails (PDMIPR). This classification protects them and will prevent them from disappearing over time under nature or being closed by fences. It guarantees all nature lovers access authorized, secure, and marked. But beware, these trails are sometimes private: the respect of these places is therefore paramount.



Distance: 7 km | Duration: 2 h 50 | Difference in altitude: 167 m. Starting point: Écully - Village TCL line: 19 - 3 - 55 - S15 |

Stop: Ecully Center 

Cette promenade parcourt les vallons boisés des ruisseaux de Serres et de Planches jusqu’à Dardilly. Empruntez le sentier du bois de Serres qui vous surprendra par le calme et la sérénité qui règnent en ces lieux.
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